Workplace Accidents

Hawaii Workplace Accident Lawyer

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of successfully handling workplace injury claims. Despite all of the safety plans, training, and safety equipment, accidents still take place at work in the State of Hawaii. Hazardous conditions are created when steps that are dictated by federal and state OSHA rules and guidelines are not followed. Due to the nature of workplace accidents, the results are catastrophic injuries or death.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch only handles workplace accidents where someone other than your employer has caused your injury.


In workplace accidents, medical and wage loss is paid for by your employer through worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation is also responsible for payment of any partial disability as a result of the injuries sustained in your workplace accident. If you cannot return to work in the same capacity, worker’s compensation will pay for your vocational rehab and retraining. However, worker’s compensation is going to want to get paid back should you receive a third party settlement. Our law firm will keep your worker’s compensation carrier notified of the status of the third party settlement and will negotiate work comp reimbursement.


When a third party workplace accident occurs, the victim has the burden of proof. The injured worker needs to prove someone (who is not his/her employer) caused the accident. The following are questions commonly asked:

  • What did this person (this third party) do to cause this workplace accident?
  • What could the third party have done to prevent the accident?
  • Could the third party have warned the worker to prevent the accident?

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has a full-time investigator on staff to track down these answers. The firm also has resources and relationships to retain nationally recognized experts in metallurgy (materials), construction industry, safety industry, and human factors. These resources have led to successful resolutions of workplace accident claims in the six and seven-figure settlement ranges (SEE Our Firm’s RESULTS). Call the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch for a FREE CONSULTATION. Make sure you continue to seek medical care and follow your physician’s recommendations in a timely manner.

“Koi” by Morris Nakamura, a neurotrauma survivor, speaks to his creativity and courage. This beautiful painting was purchased through the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific’s Art Program.