Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

Hawaii Premises Liability Attorney

The aftereffects of a Slip/Trip and Fall Accident can include severe bodily and/or cognitive injury.  We tend to scan out ahead of where we are walking and are unaware of hazardous conditions that are the responsibility of private businesses or government agencies to correct.  Some examples include businesses failing to keep their floors free of liquid and debris, County maintenance personnel not keeping up with hazards caused by tree roots pushing up sidewalks, or contractors choosing flooring not meant for the environment where it has been installed.  Other hazardous conditions are created when steps are installed where risers and treads are not consistent heights or widths that are dictated by industry building codes or surfaces of floors do not meet industry standards for coefficient of friction.


Make sure you seek immediate medical care and follow your physician’s recommendations in a timely manner.  The longer you wait to seek treatment the more likely an insurance adjuster will say that the injury is not related to the accident.


In slip and fall accidents, there may be a medical pay policy that is in addition to any coverage for payment of your personal injury claim under a premises liability insurance policy.  Some establishments have medical pay policies of $5,000 – $25,000 regardless of who is at fault for the injury.  Other establishments do not have any medical pay coverage.  Some medical pay policies only cover co-payments after your medical insurer has made payment.  Other medical pay policies require injured parties to make payment and then submit medical records with receipts proving payment.   If you do not have medical insurance, you may need to immediately apply for coverage through the State of Hawaii’s Medicaid or Medquest programs for retroactive coverage for your slip/trip and fall incident.

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“Hibiscus” by Wendy Albios, a neurotrauma survivor, speaks to her creativity and courage.  This beautiful painting was purchased through the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific’s Art Program.