Recreational Accidents

Hawaii Boating Zipline Accident Lawyer

For the past 45 years, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has successfully represented numerous victims and their family members that were injured as a result of a recreational accident. The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has handled cases involving surfer’s myelopathy, zipline tours, boat tours, and ATV tours. We have resolved recreational accident cases that have resulted in traumatic brain injury, paraplegia, catastrophic orthopedic injuries, drownings, and death.

People love to live and vacation in Hawaii. From surfing, swimming with the manta rays, ATV rides into canyons, to riding a zipline through the rainforests to see remote waterfalls, or boat rides to see volcanic activity or the whales, our community has developed activities to experience every natural wonder Hawaii has to offer. There have been instances where tour operators have not developed a safety plan to address the inherent risks associated with different recreational activities.

In personal injury cases involving recreational activities, you need to hire an attorney who has resources to advance the cost of researchers in the area of safety, engineering, and medicine. It is imperative to have experienced experts that can link the negligent operation and/or instruction during the recreational activity to the injury sustained. The attorney you hire needs to have years of experience and relationships with experts who have handled similar cases.

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“The Wave” by Andrew Hiraoka, a neurotrauma survivor, speaks to his creativity and courage.  This beautiful painting was purchased through the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific’s Art Program.