Legal Assistants

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s six legal assistants make it their mission to assist the attorneys to answer clients’ questions, to see that medical bills are being paid, to ensure that all the documentation necessary for the presentation of a personal injury claim is gathered in a timely manner, and to keep client’s updated on the progress of their case.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s clients appreciate the professionalism, experience, prompt responses, encouragement and support their legal assistant provides to them.

The legal assistant responsibilities are varied and demanding.
These responsibilities include:

• Obtaining, reviewing, organizing, and analyzing medical records.

• Obtain, review, and organize damage information; calculate damages (medical expenses, lost wages, household expenses, consortium claims, property damages); prepare, maintain, and update damage summaries.

• Communicate with experts and provide copies of all relevant documentation regarding accident, product information, and/or medical care, including all summaries of same.

• Work with investigators in obtaining and identifying key witness; arrange witness interviews and recorded statements; request investigation reports from insurance companies, governmental agencies, media, and internet sources.

• Liaison with insurance adjusters, provide necessary information/documentation to adjusters for medical claims processing.

• Conduct computerized medical, scientific, and technical literature research. Analyze materials and prepare synopsis.

• In product liability cases, obtain and compile records relating to product history and information about similar products, including research and development, manufacture, patent/copyright filings, instructions for use, distribution, sales, and advertising.

• Obtain factual information about products, companies, and individuals from various resources, including government agencies.

• Provide support to attorneys in preparation and during mediations, arbitrations, settlement conference hearings and trial.

• Assist attorneys in preparing settlement statements for clients including calling medical providers for any outstanding bills and subrogation companies seeking repayment of amounts of monies paid by insurance companies for third-party claims.

Our legal assistants are experts in problem solving for our clients. Together with the attorneys, legal secretaries and other staff members, they follow through on the details and the logistics of the claims and the litigation processes. It is this team approach that keeps the legal process running smoothly and directly impacts the success of each of our clients’ case.