Experience is something that is gained over time.  With experience, one develops expertise.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s lawyers and staff have both the experience and the expertise.

In addition to its experienced and professional staff, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has built relationships and has the resources to retain world-renowned experts.  Ian is not afraid to advance costs to retain forensic experts.  Experience has shown that the right expert can make the difference in the successful resolution of a personal injury case.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has developed relationships with nationally renowned engineers and forensic scientists working in the fields of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, metallurgy and human factors engineering.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch has relationships with some of the finest physicians and rehabilitation specialists in the world. In an age where insurance companies make arbitrary decisions regarding patient care, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch seeks out the best medical treatment possible for its clients.  This means working with families, caregivers, medical providers, and insurance companies to determine and obtain appropriate care; medical care that could make critical difference in the outcome of a person’s recovery.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch is committed to ensure our clients receive all of their entitled benefits before settlement and after settlement.

Choose an attorney that has the resources to get you just compensation for your injuries and damages.