Case Study

A client was severely injured in a 13-vehicle accident involving an 18-wheeled tractor/trailer truck on the freeway.  It was necessary for a team of accident reconstructionists to be assembled immediately.  A truck expert, a highway/roadway design expert, human factors engineer, and a materials specialist were retained to determine how this complex accident occurred, in what sequence the various collisions occurred, and at what speeds the respective vehicles were traveling.  These experts pieced together the evidence that was gathered by our team of investigators and the Honolulu Police Department. It was this timely effort on the part of our experts that led to an eight figure multi-million dollar settlement for our client.

A visitor from Australia was injured when he was standing on a street corner.  Two cars collided at the intersection.  One vehicle jumped the curb, and struck the striking Australian visitor and pinned him against a brick wall.  This visitor called the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch to evaluate his case and represent him after his first attorney was unable to find adequate insurance to pursue this visitor’s personal injury claim.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch hired a materials specialist from California.  Under the direction of this metallurgist, two identical vehicles to the ones involved in the accident were purchased and then crushed in a California lab.  This crash data was then used to generate a computer simulation of the accident which clearly illustrated the second vehicle’s negligence.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch was able to obtain a verdict in excess of a million dollars at trial for the Australian visitor.

A healthy single mother of two children went to a water park attraction with her family for the day.  Approximately halfway through the day, this single mom came off of a slide and when she contacted the surface of the water, she herniated a disc in her lumbar spine.  After three surgeries, this single mom was in chronic pain despite the implanted pain medication dispensing devise.  As a result of the injury and resulting impairment and chronic pain, she was rated as permanently disabled and unable to return to work as a audio/speech therapist in the public school system.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch hired a biomechanical engineer to determine that the force caused by the fall from the slide was sufficient to herniate a disc.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch advanced the costs of flying out the biomechanics engineer and her assistant in order for her to test the surfaces with and without water, to photograph and measure the slide and the height of the drop from the slide to the water’s surface.  Based on this data as well as research from cadavers on the amount of force it takes to herniate lumbar spine discs, the biomechanics engineer provided us a written report that was presented during mediation in order for settlement to be achieved.

A human factors expert with a background in psychology and engineering was hired when a woman retained the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch in her claim for injuries and damages as a result of a trip and fall caused by a mis-leveled elevator.  The human factors expert presented testimony based on the evidence he reviewed.  He offered his findings and opinions with regard to the inadequacy of the signage and a regular person’s ability to see and respond to the mis-leveled elevator floor which was six inches below the proper level.  This testimony, along with an illumination study made the winning difference in this million dollar plus settlement.

A young man suffered a thoracic spine compression fracture when the vehicle he was operating was rear-ended by a drunk driver.  An orthopedic surgeon was retained by the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch to provide the insurance adjusters reviewing its client’s claim an overview of the injury, treatment, and prognosis of the injury sustained in this accident.  After review of the medical records and radiographic studies, the orthopedist examined the client.  In addition to being able to discuss the injury sustained in the accident, the expert dispelled any confusion with regard to how an underlying and pre-existing neck injury did not contribute to the injury, treatment or the pain and impairment that the client was suffering as a result of the subject accident.  This written report was all that was needed to settle the bodily injury claim for policy limits.

Due to the focused care by her treating trauma physicians in the acute hospital care setting, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s client survived the catastrophic brain injury she sustained only to run out of treatment options in the State of Hawaii.  Her post acute phase doctor felt that the only remaining option was for her to be moved to a nursing home.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch obtained the financial resources and researched options on the mainland which resulted in her acceptance to a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility in California.  She was transported via air ambulance to California. It was determined that she was not comatose as originally diagnosed.  After months of therapies, she was able to return home on Oahu accompanied by her husband.

This was a complicated arrangement which required the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch to negotiate an advancement from the insurance company and find additional insurance coverages to not only pay for the extensive medical expenses, but to project the funds necessary to cover future nursing care for the remainder of its client’s lifetime.

Ian Mattoch assigned a nurse case manager to work with its client’s family to identify community resources to assist with its client’s on-going care and therapies, medical treatment, and the procurement of necessary medical and therapeutic equipment.  The firm’s nurse case manager also trained the caregivers and therapists as well as educated the various family members on traumatic brain injury issues.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch retained a neurologist, neuroradiologist, and neuropsychologist who reviewed its client’s records and radiographic studies.  Examinations and testing was done in order for these forensic experts to provide the Law Office of Ian Mattoch with their findings and opinions with regard to the injury its client had suffered, the treatment, and her prognosis. Treatment recommendations were made with regard to future care, medication, housing, attendant care and equipment needs over her lifetime.  These forensic medical expert opinions were critical in resolving this case for eight figure monies which allowed the family to implement her life care plan which included nursing care for the remainder of her life, a fully-accessible home with a pool, weekly therapies, a handicapped equip van and its replacement van.