Continuing Commitment Program

What distinguishes us from other qualified personal injury law firms in Hawaii is our unique Continuing Commitment Program. In cases involving significant injury, impairment and disability, resources and services are required even after a legal case is resolved. The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch continues to meet our client’s needs. Whether legal, rehabilitation, business or assistance with insurance or medical matters, the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch provides staff and nurse case management services when appropriate. I have assisted clients, after settlement of their legal claims in obtaining accessible housing, building accessible houses, renovating existing homes, obtaining handicap vans, providing staff to train caregivers or to attend medical appointments within the context of nurse advocacy, implementing recommendations for IEP teams and working through hundreds of small problems that impairment and disability evoke.

This unique program was begun in 2000 and continues today for our severely-injured clients who need the help that the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch is more than willing to give. Our continuing commitment program provides these clients with resources and services long after their legal case is resolved.