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HPR Say A Nice Thing About A Lawyer Day

Hawaii Public Radio sent its thanks to accident lawyer Hawaii Ian Mattoch for sponsoring and coming down to the radio station last Friday to show his support  and commitment to keeping public radio going.

Say A Nice Thing About a Lawyer Day is a signature and much anticipated part of the Hawaii Public Radio pledge drives.  Hawaii Public Radio says that there’s no other station in the country that has the kind of wide support from the local legal community that HPR is fortunate to have.  

67 members of the legal community were thanked and recognized on air this past Friday.  As of mid-day yesterday about a third of the complimented attorneys had also responded with their own gifts which brings the grand total so far to $26,886!  

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch was one of the named firms who contributed to the Hawaii Public Radio matching fund.  Congratulations to Hawaii Public Radio and another successful Say A Nice Thing About A Lawyer Day!


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