The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch – A Recent Client’s Experience

A recent Kailua-Kona, Hawaii client allowed our law firm to share a recent email to their personal injury attorney, Ian Mattoch:

Aloha Kathey, Ian and staff,

Paul and I just received the recovery check from the accident and we are so glad that we decided to get help from you guys.  Of course we would have rather avoided the accident all together, but since we can’t change fate, at least we came away with a lot less stress than we originally had, plus a little padding to ease the burden of all the problems that went along with being in a bad accident.

Most of all, we were worried that we would not have enough to cover all the bills incurred and now we do.  I can’t thank you guys enough for fighting for us with the insurance companies.  

The small bit of experience I had fighting the insurance companies just to recover enough money to buy another car to replace the one that was totaled was a disastrous, stress filled, (lots of crying and anger) experience and I only wish we had gone to you before I even had to deal with them.  It really sent home the message of how “little” we are against a huge conglomerate and how much we needed help from you guys who have experience dealing with them.  

Also, having the Kaiser bills reduced was another thing we could have never done and it makes a huge difference having had you guys fighting for us when again, we felt like little powerless leaves being blown about by the winds of big corporations.

Paul is still working on his recovery, but the peace of mind you brought to him will surely make it all a lot less stressful.  We continue to be amazed by the small weird things that are a result of the  ‘post concussion syndrome”.  Of all the injuries Paul sustained in the accident, it was the subtle brain issues that became the most scary and the doctors never even treated that!  Well, another lesson learned.  We have learned that when it comes to the medical world, we have to be our own advocates and seek help even if doctors miss the target.

I hope we NEVER have to employ your services again, but if we do, I assure you we will come running right back to you and we will refer any friends we have that have the misfortune of being the victims of an accident.


Amber and Paul

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