Honolulu Star Advertiser: Back in the Swim

Star Advertiser Article by Nancy Arcayna
Consolacion “Ching” Mongco’s participation in the pilot program of Hawaii’s Brain Injury Resource Center is the exact synergy our firm hoped would arise because of Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, the State of Hawaii Brain Injury Advisory Board, the State of Hawaii Neurotrauma Advisory Board, the Department of Health, and our firm to develop a resource center for persons with brain injury in the State of Hawaii. After seeing theBrainInjuryResourceCenterinMarinCounty, Ian knew that his clients with severe traumatic brain injury would benefit from participation in a similar program in the State ofHawaii. After rehabilitation and settlement of their claims, many of our firm’s clients found themselves in limbo: they no longer needed acute medical care but did not feel comfortable integrating themselves back into the community with their current physical and cognitive challenges.

Ching Mongco was one of our clients whose claim was successfully settled against several tortfeasors. We continue to provide her with support services under our Continuing Commitment Program, for which the firm was awarded the State ofHawaii’s Brain Award on March 8, 2012. 

Ian Mattoch, President of the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii and Board Member of the State of Hawaii’s Neurotrauma Advisory Committee and Mary Wilson RN, the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii, have rallied support and proposed a safe and enriching weekly program for persons with brain injury to the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health’s Neurotrauma Advisory Board. Please read this Star Advertiser’s article released today to learn more about the pilot program: http://www.staradvertiser.com/featurespremium/20121106_Back_in_the_swim.html?id=177404561&c=n


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