Honolulu Medical Malpractice Attorney: BIAAs Caregiver Webinar Series

Brain Injury Association of Hawaii’s President, Ian Mattoch, announces the first webinar in the BIAA’s Butch Alterman Memorial Webinar Series:  Outsmarting Your Brain Injury and Getting Back to Work 

Thursday, April 17, 2014 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Being an accident lawyer in Hawaii for over 35 years, Ian knows that work is an important part of life, and returning to work or school after a brain injury can feel overwhelming. You or your loved one may have tried to return to work only to find more barriers than open doors.  This webinar, for people with brain injury and their family, will focus on effective strategies.

Speaker, Kathy Moeller, experienced a brain injury in 1990 and since then has become a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.  Kathy will provide strategies that have successfully gotten persons with brain injury back to a job that meets their life goals and needs.

The Brain Injury Association of American (BIAA) announces this free webinar as the first of a series focused on and primarily for those who are living with brain injury.  The Butch Alterman Memorial Fund has supported BIAA in the creation of this series.  

About the Butch Alterman Memorial Fund
The Butch Alterman Memorial Fund was established by Maureen Alterman in memory of her husband and supports BIAA’s education efforts. Maureen established the fund to keep alive those things that meant the most to her husband, whose life centered around family, faith, serving his community via various charitable endeavors, educating his students, and serving his country through his military service in the US Navy.  Butch was an elementary educator for 35 years; his classroom motto was “let me teach so I can quench your thirst for learning.” He believed that education was the key to shaping his young students. The fund is the perfect way to educate those who have a thirst for knowledge about brain injury.

Please note this webinar does not offer any CBIS CEU’s.

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