Hawaii imposes ban of OxyElite Pro after reports of hepatitis hospitalization, liver transplants and one death

If you have developed liver damage, liver failure, or hepatitis after taking OxyElite Pro, please call Hawaii’s personal injury attorney, The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch immediately for a free OxyElite Pro consultation.  The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch specializes in product liability and has experience in the area of diet supplement litigation.

The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch represented a woman that suffered severe and permanent injuries as a result of taking the dietary supplement, Ripped Fuel.  Our law firm and team of medical and pharmacological experts in California and Colorado helped achieve the largest settlement in the Ripped Fuel multidistrict litigation for our client.

As a result of The Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s investigation, our firm located a key memo that clearly evidenced the manufacturer’s knowledge of the dangerous effects of combining the effective ingredients in the dietary supplement.

Last week, the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health issued a statewide request that the dietary supplement, OxyElite Pro be removed from store shelves statewide.  According to an FDA press release, at least 29 cases of hepatitis have been reported in the State of Hawaii.  Eleven of these cases, the patients required emergency hospitalization, two received liver transplants, and one patient died.

One of the largest distributors of OxyElite Pro in Hawaii initially said no to the voluntary removal since “GNC was not aware of any scientific or medical evidence that established that the OxyElite Pro product was unsafe.”  On October 9, 2013, GNC reversed its position informing the press that they would in fact removed OxyElite Pro from their Hawaii stores.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking at other cases of liver injury around the country that may be attributed to OxyElite Pro.

USPLabs, the company that manufacturers OxyElite Pro, said it would voluntarily cease the nationwide manufacture and distribution of the product until the investigation into the problem can be concluded.

If you have taken OxyElite Pro and are experiencing any unusual symptoms, go to an Emergency Room or your physician immediately.   To contact the Law Offices of Ian Mattoch for a free review of your potential case, please call.

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