Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposes changes in Medicare Programs

Honolulu’s personal injury attorney, Ian Mattoch, received notice from Medicare regarding proposed changes to Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Benefit Programs starting in 2015.  In order to advocate for clients that are catastrophically injured and clients with traumatic brain injury, lawyers in Hawaii need to be aware of the proposed changes in Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposed rule to improve health care quality, strengthen protections, and reduce costs for Medicare beneficiaries.  CMS’s fact sheet outlines the major provisions of the proposed technical and program changes.  This proposed rule is expected to save $1.3 billion over five years (2015-2019) if the rule is finalized.  Summary of proposed changes included:    

  • New criteria for drug categories;
  • Increased competition;
  • More meaningful plan choices;
  • Improvement of payment accuracy;
  • Streamlined data validation and audit process;
  • Expansion of the release of unencrypted Part D data sharing to give researchers broader access to health care data;
  • Expansion of prevention and health improvement incentives; and
  • To reduce fraud and abuse, a requirement of Medicare enrolment for all physicians/non-physician practitioners who order DMEs and supplies.

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