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Law Offices of Ian Mattoch's Office Administrator defeated by Albert

Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s Office Administrator defeated by Albert after a 2 1/2 hour hard fought battle!!


Brain Injury Attorney Honolulu Ian Mattoch shares a picture from last night’s chess game at Hawaii’s first Brain Injury Resource Center.  The results are in!  Unfortunately for the  Law Offices of Ian Mattoch’s ringer, Shantel, Albert won after two and 1/2 hours of hard battle!!

Albert talked with Shantel about the numerous books that he is currently reading and how much he enjoyed playing chess in high school prior to his injury in 1992.  Albert was sixteen years old when he was hit by a school bus while crossing a street near to his school.

During last night’s chess game, Albert announced that he would like to run for U.S. President.  He encouraged Shantel to run for Senate at the same time so that they could fix the nation’s financial problems together.

The winning move for the chess game was Albert’s castle swiftly moved in and took Shantel’s king.  The winning move for the Brain Injury Resource Center was Shantel’s enthusiasm and spirit to take time out of her day to enjoy a chess game with Albert.

If you would like more information on how to volunteer time at Hawaii’s first Brain Injury Resource Center, please call Mary Wilson, Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Hawaii at 808-436-8977.

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